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DevOps Integration CRM


DevOps is a philosophy and the efficient way of developing software products and solutions. DevOps is successfully adapted by industries and enables faster turnaround time to realise the value of the investment done in the software development. This is achieved through automation of software packaging and programmable infrastructure for deployment processes. This faster speed helps organisation to serve their business and customers better and compete in the market.


CRM is a tool which stores and manages the leads and customers data in one place, also consolidates each and every conversation between the customer and the organisation. CRM tools helps enhances the customer experiences through effective customer engagement, manage more sales deals, ensures customer stickiness, and ultimately increase the revenue and profits. This helps the organisation to focus on core business and keeps the organisation in the growth path.

DevOps and CRM Integration

Integrating CRM with DevOps strengthens the software development and support team’s abilities to effectively manage the software support tickets. Process oriented CRM tied up with agility of DevOps amplifies the customer experiences.

Solution Description

The Azure DevOps and  Freshservice Integration application enables the customer support agent without leaving their Freshservice interface to create and manage Work Item, link DevOps Work Item with Freshservice ticket, add comments to Linked Work Items and view Work Item Log within Freshservice ticket. The app user interface is developed as a mobile view.


ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL, AWS, Kafka


  • Create synergies between IT support team and Build team
  • Manual repetitive tasks of transferring tickets to Azure DevOps and manage it in both the systems
  • Growing IT support requests requiring efficiencies
  • Drive Business value faster

Value Proposition

  • Ship Faster:
    Rapid information exchange helps IT support team and build teams stay aligned, and thereby enabling faster delivery to the users
  • Increased Productivity: 50% increase in overall productivity of the agents by reducing to-and-fro from Freshservice platform to AzureDevOps
  • Connected: Offers the opportunity for to access information seamlessly in AzureDevops and plan for rapid action. You must follow your dynamically growing business needs and handle the increasing number of customer requests.

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