Helped Australian Ecommerce Organization to Scale with Seamless Customer Experience

Problem Statement

Leading Australian eCommerce platform, decided to increase the efficiency and productivity of the customer support team. Customer support team manually switches between multiple systems including CRM and eCommerce portal to serve the customer orders, queries and complaints. Also, support staff has to login to eCommerce portal to initiate ‘Return’ if needed. All this process flow involves more time and effort from the support team. Also possibility of the manual error leads to productivity loss and loose customer loyalty.

Also, with exponential increase of the customer base, optimising the customer support team is essential to be operate with higher efficiency.

Solution Approach

This is achieved through building eCommerce capabilities like view Order detail, item level return or order level return and order history within the CRM tool. Required UI is developed to list out the order details and other related eCommerce features.  Also, configurable integration platform is built to integrate the CRM systems and eCommerce porta. The integration platform is built with high flexibility, so that  business customers of the eCommerce platform can customise the relevant properties of the order and item. Also deal with order related transaction in their CRM platform itself, without logging into eCommerce portal.

Value Proposition

  • Increase Customer Experience through fast resolution
  • 30% of increase throughput of the customer support team
  • 30% of Cost savings in required software licenses provided to customer support team
  • 100% elimination of training of customer support team to eCommerce platform
  • 20% reduction in reopening of the closed support tickets. This occurred due to manual error while support team shuttle between multiple systems

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