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Sometimes we resolve a ticket and the same exact issue with the same client happens again.   Is there a way to duplicated the Closed incident instead of having to manually move all the information from on ticket to a new one?

When an issue gets reported multiple times by the same user or a requester raises a new ticket instead of following up on an existing one, duplicate tickets can be merged together

Solution Description

Build algorithm to identify the duplicate ticket when an user creates the service ticket. Algorithm can be built dynamically based on the criteria configured by the customer. Customer has flexibility to configure the merge criteria at any point of time. This also helps to track the history and do the analysis.


ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL, AWS, Kafka

Value Proposition

  • Productivity Savings:
    20 to 30 percentage increase of tickets handled by each service agent
  • Resolution Time:
    20 percentage reduction in ticket resolution SLA time
  • Customer Experience Score:
    30 percentage increase in customer experience score due to fast resolution

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