Multi Vendor for Purchase Quotation

Multi Vendor for Purchase Quotation

In Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central ERP platform, Users can create Purchase Quotes and choose multiple vendors to get the quotation. This extension will send the Purchase Quotation request to multiple vendors. The responses from multiple vendors can be viewed as summary in single page. Based on the criteria, user can select a quotation and create Purchase Order (PO) from the summary page

Request For Quote Document Page

  • Users can create quote for the same set of multiple items to multiple vendors in a single document (Request For Quote).
  • In RFQ Vendors Sub page part, users can add multiple vendors that they are intended to raise a quote.
  • In RFQ Lines Sub page part, users can add multiple items for the quotation.

Quote Creation

  • In RFQ Vendors sub page part select the Vendors that you want to raise a Quote for the items selected in the “RFQ Lines”.
  • Click on the “Create Purchase Quote” action button, that will create “Purchase Quote” for each Vendors.
  • After creating the Purchase Quote for each Vendors, the system will automatically generate a mail attached with the Purchase Quote Document URL link to each Vendors Mail by using the Vendor Mail from Vendor Master data.
  • By clicking the link “Click to open purchase quote”, the vendor can navigate to the “Purchase Quote” document in the business central environment and update the Quantity available and unit cost for each item details.
  • After updating the Unit Cost and Quantity in “Purchase Quote”, the vendor have to click on the “Notify User” action to send that the “Purchase Quote” document has been updated.
  • The Notification will be displayed in the “Role Center ” page of business central web client.

Review quotes response for vendors

  • After receiving the responses for the each quote for the Vendors, the users can review the response amount in the single page.

Make Order for the Best quote

  • The users can create “Purchase Order” from the best quoted document from the vendor. Open the “Purchase Order” document and click on ”Make Order” action to create a “Purchase Order” for the best quoted Vendor.